The Corbin Sofa

Keep it simple. Don’t get fussy. Relax. Lay yourself out along those long, uninterrupted cushions, and rest your head on one of those nice, big pillows. Why not? This is home.

7 configurable pieces





87036 Corbin R Arm Sofa
68IN. 40IN. 18IN.
87037 Corbin L Arm Sofa
68IN. 40IN. 18IN.
87061 Corbin R Arm Chaise
68IN. 40IN. 18IN.
87062 Corbin L Arm Chaise
68IN. 40IN. 18IN.
87072 Corbin L Bumper
39IN. 84IN. 17IN.
87071 Corbin R Bumper
39IN. 84IN. 17IN.
87030 Corbin Sofa
96IN. 40IN. 32IN.

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Bench Built

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